In 2012 everyone in Astoria had a blog about Astoria. Mine was geared towards helping small businesses use social media more effectively. 

ASM Profile | Mackenzi Farquer of SITE

As with all social media, Mackenzi’s theory on Pinterest is this: “If you’re not doing it, you’re doing it wrong.” Take advantage of the fact that Pinterest is free and offers a glimpse into what you and your business are about in a completely different way than Twitter or even Facebook can. Start with just a few boards with themes related to your business, and remember, “The more you use it, the better you get.”

ASM Profile | George McKirdy of Astor Bake Shop

When it comes to running a business and promoting it on social media, Astoria business owners face a tricky logic problem: Example: George runs a successful bakery-cafe. He pours all his time and energy into it—happily, because this is his passion. He’s on the move 24/7—shopping, baking, managing staff, and more. In order to help his business thrive, however, George must ALSO spend time promoting it on social media ...