Brand Blogs, Recipes by Email, & Other Keyword-Rich Copy

Compelling content, consistently delivered: The best way to attract and retain an engaged audience. Here are some examples of work I did for Kraft-Heinz brands and AAA Northwest Magazine.

Where to Retire to Have Fun and Stay Active

Client: AAA | Goal: Increase traffic from those searching for “retirement” ||| It could also mean staking out a second-act or “encore” career. In fact, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that by 2026 some 30% of workers ages 65 to 74 will be working full- or part-time jobs. Even if the extra cash isn’t a financial necessity, some retirees return to the workforce simply because they want to keep busy or can’t imagine not doing what they love anymore.

Mac and Cheese Hacks

Client: MXM (now part of Accenture Interactive) | Goal: General content marketing: recipes, how-to, meta-copy ||| "We’re not going to say we invented mac and cheese hacks; that would require patents and lawyers—what a hassle! But we can say we were waaay ahead of the curve on this trend. We’ve been coming up with similar “genius” recipes for years, and we’re happy to see these Recipe Mash-Ups gaining in popularity. Why wouldn’t they? Customizing your mac and cheese couldn’t be easier. Make your mac and cheese Buffalo style with blue cheese and chicken, or add spinach and tomatoes to make it Italian style...